About Us

Our Story

WOOD & SALT was born one hot summer afternoon whilst walking through Mapusa market in North Goa. We met Meenal Tai, a radiant, joyful woman selling salt that she harvests from the traditional Goan salt pans or buys from travellers as far away as the Himalayas. Meenal Tai measures out the salt in a small wooden cup that her father had carved for her. The simple sheesham cup has no embellishments besides a series of rough grooves that run around the base and a tiny handle to hold.

Deeply inspired by Meenal Tai’s story and the histories she carries with her, we brought together our skills as designers and archivists with an innate curiosity for craft to set up WOOD & SALT.

Our Work

Our products are designed in collaboration with the craftspeople we work with. Each product is crafted by hand. The process is thought driven and carries with a slowness that we hope to celebrate through our work. Given we work with single family clusters, our collections are small. We try not carry an infinite stock range, priding ourselves on the meditative movements of hand-made products
Our work celebrates the small things in life, the forgotten things, the quiet things, the things that make us who we are. Our products are hand-crafted using heritage techniques passed down orally between generations. We work with single family craftspeople, whose skills and memories are a shared experience between parent and child. We are ever grateful to be included in their lives.

Our work with these families takes us from the cool valleys of the Shivaliks to the outer deserts of Gujarat and along the banks of mighty rivers – developing objects that are useful, beautiful and filled with memories. We begin with an immense respect for the materials and the artisan, and hope, like Meenal Tai, to embed histories and emotions into each of our designs.

The Team

Imran Spends his time marvelling at colours and forms, translating them into shapes

Zuri Walks through forests and meadows conjuring the aesthetic for Wood & Salt.

Rishad Ties it all together.

Karishma & Ankush We share meals, ideas and collaborations!

Zal Makes our products look fab!